Branch Autonomy

The Oxford English dictionary defines autonomy as: “The right to self-governance.”

Branch autonomy, therefore, implies the right of a branch to self-governance. Self-governance implies non-interference in branch affairs from outside parties, including the national office.

However, self-governance takes place within a set parameters which are defined primarily by the NTEU constitution and Branch Standard Rules, GAAP, the LRA and King reports on good governance.

Branch autonomy is encouraged as each branch BEC is in touch with the nuances of their university and are best placed to deal with matters at branch level. This includes dealing autonomously with:

  • grievances
  • discipline
  • disputes
  • negotiations
  • CCMA cases
  • Labour Court cases
  • Managing branch funds

Branch autonomy does not preclude branches from requesting inputs, advice, and assistance from other branches or the national office. Such requests must preferably be made in writing to the source from which assistance is sought.