The Council of Chairpersons (CoC) with the National Executive Committee forms a governance structure of the Union and is subject to to the directions and control of the National Congress.

The Council consists of the chairpersons of all branches which have registered more than 70 members with the National Administrative Office.

The powers and functions of the CoC are listed in Section 8.2 of the Constitution. The major empowerments are to :

  • consult with the NEC and submit reports, requests and recommendations relating to the aims and objectives of the Union to the NEC and the National Congress;
  • assist the NEC with policy and response documents as requested;
  • establish sub-committees and institute programmes of action, as it may deem fit, and within the means of the Union;
  • nominate persons, on request from the NEC, to represent the Union at any negotiations or discussions or at any body constituted in terms of any law or at any body on which it is desired that the Union shall be represented;
  • deal with instituting and defending all legal proceedings by or against the Union;
  • where possible and within the means of the Union, provide for legal advice to a Branch Executive Committee; and,
  • at the CoC’s discretion legal assistance to Members on matters related to their employment according to terms provided by Union policy;
    on request advise on, and where necessary or, requested, deal with disputes arising.