Code of Conduct



In the interests of promoting professional conduct within the CBC, the following Code of Conduct should be the standard for which we strive.



We, the members of the NTEU Council of Branch Chairpersons, commit ourselves to the following conduct:


  1. Constructive debate with courtesy and respect for one another in all interactions.
  2. Addressing and resolving matters in a decisive manner without attacking the person who caused/raised the problem.
  3. Approaching the appropriate person(s) to help resolve a problem (branch or personal) without complaining to others who are not concerned.
  4. Stating opinions and making suggestions openly.
  5. Ensuring that we do what we undertook to do, ie. not letting anyone down.
  6. Attending all CBC meetings punctually or arranging for an alternate to attend.
  7. Giving feedback to our branch representatives and members after a CBC meeting.
  8. Giving branch feedback to the CBC.
  9. Preparing ourselves for CBC meetings.
  10. Maintaining the highest standards of ethical behaviour.



The above commitment is to ensure the integrity of the NTEU at all times as a national union and we undertake to remind ourselves of this commitment regarding our conduct should it be necessary. We accept that failure to honour any or all of these commitments could result in forfeiture of any honorarium that Congress may allocate to CBC members.

Compiled by N Kemp

March 2004