The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) shares a legacy of colleagues risking their careers, and in some cases their physical safety, in pursuit of justice.  On 25 February 2010 NUTESA and NTESU came together and gave birth to NTEU, acknowledging a shared set of values and committing our resources to seeing them reflected in the workplace.

For 10 years NTEU has withstood the pressures from political spooks and intimidation and we will continue to aim higher and broader and bring value to our members. Today NTEU is one of the loudest voices in higher education.

“Make no mistake - countless lives have been impacted upon under the mandates we've been tasked to carry and many more would suffer without NTEU.” Said NTEU National President Xolani Tom.  He further stated, “The past 10 years have revealed just how crucial the role of trade unions is within the changing world of work. Especially in higher education which has shown itself to be a hotspot for corruption and unethical behaviour. Without NTEU the vulnerable would remain exposed and wicked men and women would gain a stranglehold on our universities.”.

Government administration, financial instability, disrupted classes and campuses turned violent have become norms to us all.  To ensure the workplace is sustainable, is fair and is an environment that allows the workforce to prosper NTEU is planning a strategic indaba to engage with the national leadership for responsible and effective steps forward during 2020 and ahead.


NTEU thanks the members who enforce the strength of the mandate and for placing their trust in their local leadership, for engaging and the public support. It is because of them that NTEU may have the honour to serve colleagues and comrades and join a legacy of justice!