NTEU is shocked by the reports we have received from our branches at WSU and NMMU where university property has been burnt this past week.

The continued destruction of property is simply unacceptable and NTEU condemns it in the strongest terms possible. This is the work of cowardly and anarchist elements who do not have the best interests of the university communities at heart. When infrastructure is burnt, it accomplishes nothing and in fact sets the entire academic project back.

Furthermore, while buildings can be rebuilt, the emotional trauma caused to innocent staff and students caught in the middle cuts far deeper. NTEU is therefore genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of its members, as well as students, and calls on management and security services to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure invaluable human lives are protected.

Lastly, we believe that the academic year must progress without disruptions. The rights of all students to obtain a quality tertiary education must be upheld. The rights of staff to work in a peaceful and safe environment must also be upheld. At the same time the noble fight for the rights of the poor, marginalised and academically deserving must continue in the halls of government. The constitution places the onus on government to make higher education "progressively accessible and available".

Higher Education is a sector in crisis which requires all stakeholders to pull together and find solutions to the problems plaguing universities.


Enquires:  Grant Abbott (General Secretary)

Phone:     0834396363 or 041-3651486

Email:      Gensec@nteu.org.za