“Ordinary people who have lots of good ideas want more than a suggestion box, and they need a union to represent that thinking.” - Frances O'Grady, first woman to hold the position of General Secretary for the British Trades Union Congress (TUC).


International Workers Day is a trade union legacy.  Born in the 1800’s from workers fighting for an 8-hour work day to seeing many justices realised in the world of work.  It is a day that recognises the role that unions played in championing workers’ rights during Apartheid and presents a moment to reflect on the current working conditions of all workers across sectors.


Trade unions today remain responsible for furthering this legacy.  With the 4th industrial revolution’s impact on work as we know it still being realised, regular disruptions and violence at campuses, funding issues and more, this is a responsibility that the NTEU must accept.


On this the NTEU National President, Dimakatso Peo stated, “The NTEU is spurred on to champion the changes so desperately needed in Higher Education and to carry your mandate through the doors of progress.  We also will continue our commitment as a watchdog against corruption.”


“Job losses due to corruption must become a thing of the past”, President Peo continued.


As we celebrate this Workers Day in 2019 the NTEU also looks at issues like fair and decent working conditions, being free from discrimination and harassment, and finding purpose and value in your work as essential components to the work experience.  


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NTEU is a politically non-aligned trade union organizing exclusively in the Higher Education sector and is affiliated to FEDUSA, the largest politically non-aligned trade union federation in South Africa.