Salute to you esteemed members and colleagues,

As National President, and on behalf of the NEC, I would like to welcome and wish you all the best for 2020. I trust 2020 will be an exciting year filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

As an organisation we continue to increase in size and impact, coming together as a strong voice in the higher education sector.

As President, I am both proud and honoured to be part of this vibrant organisation which on Tuesday, 25th February 2020 marks a decade of being in existence.

These ten years have been characterised by victories and losses. We have regrettably, through death, lost dedicated and reliable comrades along the way but have gained quite a quantitative energetic flock of members too.

Below I share with you your union’s operational calendar of activities for the first term of 2020:

✓ The General Secretary, Mr. Abbott, and I will be attending the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) leadership meeting taking place from Sunday, 26th to Wednesday, 29th January.

✓ The first National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting for 2020 is scheduled for Thursday, 6th February which will set the action plan for the resolutions taken at congress last year.

✓ There is an annual Federation of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) leadership conference taking place on Tuesday, 3rd and Wednesday, 4th March.

✓ A joint meeting of the NEC and Committee of Branch Chairpersons (CBC) which will provide an update on the state of the union will be held on Thursday, 5th and Friday, 6th March.

✓ The NEC will hold a strategic planning breakaway session in April.

✓ A FEDUSA NEC meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 7th May.

✓ In accordance with the congress discussion and the 4th Industrial Revolution, the National Office will be planning a further workshop in the 2nd quarter of year through FEDUSA.

✓ Three key marketing and recruitment areas are being identified and prioritised for this year. These will be to rebuild in certain areas and break ground into new areas.
Comrades and colleagues, I share with you this calendar of your union’s activities in the interest of transparency and accountability to you as our principals and us as your elected leadership.

Please watch this space as there are proposals of activities in the pipeline to celebrate our tenth-year anniversary.

Viva FEDUSA!!!
Viva NTEU!!!
Viva to you too my comrade!!!

Comradely yours,


Xolani Tom

NTEU National President


NTEU is a politically non-aligned trade union organizing exclusively in the Higher Education sector and is aligned to FEDUSA, the largest politically non-aligned trade union federation in South Africa.