NTEU is an organization that is committed to transformation in all its dimensions and this commitment will be given expression by:

  1. Recognising the changing nature of society, embracing change and moving with the times.
  2. Accepting the need for redress of past inequalities and inequities.
  3. Striving to have a membership profile that reflects the demographics of society.
  4. Supporting BEE as an avenue for uplifting those who suffered and still suffer from economic disadvantage.
  5. Abiding by all legislation that impacts on transformation such as the Employment Equity Act, the Skills Development and similar Acts.
  6. Including transformation as a strategic priority in our strategic plan.
  7. Holding regular workshops to interrogate what transformation we wish to achieve and to devise plans therefor.
  8. Respecting the rule of law and due process in implementing transformation.
  9. Being sensitive to the impact of transformation on certain people to help them cope with change.
  10. Not unfairly discriminating against anyone in implementing transformation.
  11. Upholding the principle of fairness.
  12. Adhering to this charter and giving effect thereto.


National Transformation Plan 2012- 2016
This document seeks to set an action plan for the use of Congress, NEC, CoC, BECs, TURCs and ordinary membership to engage with and press forward the transformation of the Union and Higher Education sector.